UK Fire Stations
The Fire Fighters Charity

Each year, thousands of fire fighters are injured whilst protecting the public. Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, risking their lives to save others, but sadly they often sustain physical injuring whilst carrying out their duties.

The Fire Fighters Charity is here for fire fighters during their time of need, offering vital support services across the UK for all fire fighters, fire service personnel and their dependants. The charity has three centres across the UK, located in Devon, Cumbria and West Sussex, which provide physical therapy, rehabilitation and recuperation facilities run by dedicated teams of professionals. The charity provides tailored therapy programmes to assist following injury, illness and surgery. Providing dedicated services to the fire service community, The Fire Fighters Charity has built up a specialist knowledge of the treatments fire fighters need.

Illness, injury, stress and other problems can place tremendous strain on fire fighters and their families, and the intensity of this unique profession often creates difficulties which people can struggle to cope with. To assist, the charity has recuperation facilities at all three of its centres, fiving individuals and families the opportunity to get their lives back on track through emotional and physical recovery.

Whilst thousands of people visit the centres every year, some need help in other ways. The charity’s Beneficiary Support Service has a nationwide network of trained professionals and volunteers to offer local and remote assistance to people in need, providing solutions to real life problems.