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The Fire Fighters Charity

Are you a serving or retired firefighter recovering from an injury, either in or out of work? Perhaps you’re the spouse or child of a member of the fire and rescue service and have been struggling with your mental health?

You and so many others are eligible for support from The Fire Fighters Charity.

The Charity exists to help the whole of the UK’s fire services community to live healthier and happier throughout their lives, by providing a broad range of health and wellbeing services, online and in person.

And it’s not just firefighters it helps – far from it. The Charity supports past and present fire and rescue service personnel, whatever their role, as well as spouses, families and many other eligible individuals across a diverse fire services community of around 300,000 people.

The Charity blends innovative digital services with face-to-face and community-based programmes, to offer each of its beneficiaries tailored support to meet their individual need.

For those receiving face-to-face support, the Charity has three residential centres across the UK: Jubilee House in Cumbria, Marine Court in Littlehampton and Harcombe House in Devon.

However, the Charity couldn’t provide this vital work without your support – and there are a number of ways you can help, from one-off donations to fundraising and regular giving.

Find out more about how the Charity could be there for you at or to donate visit