UK Fire Stations
Appliance Definitions


Description varies between Brigades
ALPAerial Lifting Platform
ARPAerial Rescue Pump
ATVAll Terrain Vehicle
ARUAnimal Rescue Unit
BABreathing Apparatus
BBBlood Bike
BASCVBreathing Apparatus Support Community Vehicle
BASUBreathing Apparatus Support Unit
BFLBulk Foam Lorry
BFUBulk Foam Unit
BRCRUBritish Red Cross Relief Unit
BRVBrigade Response Vehicle
BSVBusiness Support Vehicle
CoRoCo Responder Car
CWrtCompact Water Tender
CAFSCompressed Air foam System
CARPCombined Aerial Rescue Pump
CEPUChemical and Environmental Protection Unit
CIUChemical Incident Unit
CIVCobra Intervention Vehicle
COVCommunity Outreach vehicle
CPACompact Appliance
CRUCliff Rescue Unit
CRVCo Responder Vehicle
CSUCommand Support Unit
CSVCommunity Support Vehicle
CWrTCompact Water Tender
DHBDouble Horse Box
DIMDetection Investigation and Monitoring
DMCVDuty manager Command Vehicle
DRPDual Role Pump
DRTDual Role Truck
DRVDuty Response vehicle
EDLUEnvironmental Damage Limitation Unit
EFREmergency First Responder vehicle
ERTEnhanced Rescue Tender
EPUEnvironmental Protetction Unit
ERVEnmergency Response vehicle
ESUEquipment Support Unit
ERPLExtended Rescue Pump Ladder
ETEmergency Tender


Forward Command Vehicle

FDUFoam Distribution Unit
FESUFire and Emergency Support Unit
FFTFire Fighting Trailer
FIUFire Investigation Unit
FoCFoam Carrier
F/WrCFoam & Water Carrier
FTFoam Tender
GPPGeneral Purpose Pod
GPUGeneral Purpose Unit
GPVGeneral Purpose Vehicle
GSVGeneral Staff Vehicle
H4V/PHeavy 4x4 Pump
HARUnimog All-Terrain Heathland Pump/Animal Rescue Unit
HAZMATHazardous Materials
HCHRPHigh Capacity HRP
HCWrLHigh Capacity WrL
HERUHeavy Emergency Response Unit
HLUHose layer Unit
HLtrHose Layer Trailer
HMtrHazardous Materials Trailer
HP Hydraulic Platform
HPHVHeavy Pump High Volume
HRPAHeavy Rescue Pump with Animal Rescue Equipment
HRTHeavy Rescue Tender
HRUHeavy Rescue Unit
HRSUHeavy Rescue Support Unit
HSUHazardous Support Unit
HUHazmat Unit
HVHLHigh Volume Hose layer
HVPHigh Volume Pump
HVPSVHigh Volume Pump Support Vehicle
ICSIncident Command Support Pod
ICCUIncident Command & Control Unit
ICUIncident Command Unit
IIVInitial Intervention Vehicle
IRUIncident Respnse Unit
ISUIncident Support Unit
ISVIncident Support Vehicle
IRBTInshore Rescue Boat
L4PLight 4x4 Pump
L6PLight 6x6 Pump
L4TLight 4x4 Tender
L4VLight 4x4 Vehicle
LARLarge Animal Rescue Unit
LPALight 4x4 Pump
LPULight Pumping Unit
LRPLight Rescue Pump
LAVLimited Access Vehicle
LHLow Height Appliance
LiRULine Rescue Unit
LRULine Rescue Unit
LVLogistics Van
MRPMedium Rescue Pump
MRUMajor Resuce Unit
MRVMarine Rescue Unit
MSUMarine Support Unit
MDDMass Decontamination Disrobe
MDRMass Contamination Rerobe
MDUMass Decontamination unit
MRUMajor Rescue Unit Pod
MPVMulti Purpose Vehicle Carrier
MRVMulti Role Vehicle
MT Moorland Trailer
MTFAMarauding Terrorists Firearm Attack
NUNetras Unit Prime Mover
OSUOperational Support Unit
PCVPersonnel Carrier Vehicle
PHRTPump Heavy Rescue Tender
PLPump Ladder
PMPrime Mover
PRLPump Rescue Ladder
PRTPump Rescue Tender
FESSRed Cross Fire and Emergency Support
RTRescue Tender
RVRescue Vehicle
RaPRestricted Access Pump
RAVRestricted Access Vehicle
RCSVRed Cross Support Vehicle
RP Rescue Pump
RPLRescue Pump Ladder
RRIURoad Rail Incident Unit
RRPRural Response Pump
RRURapid Response Unit
RRURope Rescue Unit
RRVRural Rescue Vehicle
RSURescue Support Unit
RSVRoad Traffic Collision Support Unit
RTRescue Tender
RWTRural Water Tender
SACUSalvation Army Catering unit
SDUSearch & Rescue Dog Unit
SFUSmall Fire Unit
SISUSpecial Incident Support Unit
SRUSpecial Rescue Unit
SCMStrategic Command Module
SWRUSwift Water Rescue Unit
SWRVSwift Water Rescue Vehicle
TR+TRATractor + Trailer with equipment
TRMogTechnical Rescue Unimog
TRPTechnical Rescue Pump
TRSTechnical Rescue Support
TRUTechnical Rescue Unit
TRVTaticle Response Vehicle
TLTurntable Ladder
UHRPUltra Heavy Rescue Pump
VSUVictim Support Unit
W&ARUWater and Animal Rescue Unit
WBWater Bowser
WRBtWater Bowser
WrCWater Carrier
WCWater Carrier
WFCWater Foam Carrier
WFTWater Foam Tanker
WFUWild Fire Unit
WFVWild Fire Vehicle
WIU+IRBtWater Incident Unit + Inshore Rescue Boat
WLPWater Ladder Pump
WrL Water Ladder
WrLaWater Ladder Animal Equipment
WPWelfare Pod
WRBtWater Rescue Boat
WRUWater Rescue Unit
WSUWater Support Unit
WTTWater Tanker Tender
WTWater Tank (Herm)
WT Water Tanker Tender
WrTWater Tender
WelfUWelfare Unit
WMAWest Midlands Ambulance Standby
YFTYoung Firefighters Tender